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Probably Nothing 119: WeaveDB on DevNTell and RahatCodes on Meet the Members!

This week, we have a new episode of DevNTell for you, this time with WeaveDB, a Web3 database powered by Arweave!

If you missed it, we released a new Meet the Members episode with D_D OG Rahat last week!

Sponsor: AR.IO

This week's issue of Probably Nothing is brought to you by AR.IO. The decentralized gateway network for Arweave. If you have ever asked yourself how to host your DApp frontend, AR.IO is the answer. Just build a SPA with your favorite framework and upload it to Arweave. It will be permanently hosted by AR.IO nodes worldwide.

Very soon, you can even access it via a D_D node, so keep your eyes peeled!

Upcoming Events

DevNTell: WeaveDB: A Decentralized NoSQL Database

​In this week's episode of DevNTell, Ahmad Mardeni, CEO of WeaveDB, will give an overview of WeaveDB: a decentralized NoSQL database solution.

​Viewers of this DevNTell will learn why a decentralized DB exists and how to get started with WeaveDB. Don’t miss it!

Join us this Friday, May 10, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

This episode is sponsored by CoinDesk

Consensus is the largest and most established global hub for crypto, blockchain, and Web3. Get your $299 Developer Pass today to connect with the industry’s largest concentration of blockchain builders, learn directly from the top chains and protocols, and join the IRL EasyA Hackathon.

The first 30 people to register can save 20% with code "DEVDAO"! Get your tickets here.

👩🏾‍💻 Bounties & Jobs

PeanutProtocol Bounties

Earn 1,200 USDC for building React components using Peanut SDK, enabling token swaps on-chain, and more! 

TalentLayer Bounty 

Earn 500 USDC bounty for building an ENS domain resolver for TalentLayer IDs!


Are you hiring? Then, turn online Web3 communities into your personal talent clouds with Developer DAO & Eden!

For info, please talk to Tom Husson; limited spots are available during Eden’s beta.

Community Highlights

DevNTell: Consensus 2024 by CoinDesk

Last week, Brad Keoun from CoinDesk gave an overview of the upcoming Consensus 2024 conference happening May 29th to 31st in Austin, Texas.

Meet the Members Episode 3

@rahatcodes is a D_D OG who has been involved since the early days of D_D. He loves working with folks and doing cool things. One of his D_D highlights was playing an active part in organizing the Web3Con hackathon conference by D_D.

Rahat works with Morph L2 and founded Protocol Explorer, a show for discussing anything Web3-related. Watch the full episode here.

If you want to be a guest in the show, sign up to participate and be seen!

Other Community News

Ecosystem News

Grayscale's Bitcoin ETF Sees First Inflow After Billions Lost Since January

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), the largest bitcoin ETF by assets, saw a net inflow of new money from investors, according to Farside Investors, the first daily increase since the product debuted in January.

Binance crypto founder Zhao sentenced to four months in prison

Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, former CEO of Binance, has been sentenced to four months in prison for violating U.S. money laundering laws, a lighter sentence than the three years sought by prosecutors.

Bitcoin Fees Normalize After Runes' Coming Out Party Abruptly Ends

Bitcoin’s transaction fees have returned to normal after a brief parabolic spike triggered by the launch of Runes, the hyped protocol enabling the creation of Bitcon-based tokens.

Former Cred Executives Indicted on Wire Fraud, Other Charges

Three former executives with bankrupt crypto lender Cred were indicted on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and engage in illicit financial transactions.

Base Unveils Second Onchain Summer Hackathon

Base has announced its second Onchain Summer hackathon, offering developers up to $2 million in ETH rewards and incentives. The hackathon will run for one month starting on June 3, with additional activities planned for July and August to promote on-chain adoption

Initiative Updates

External Proposals

The following external proposals from SAFEDAO, Gitcoin and ENS DAO are active and open for voting. D_D has voting rights in these DAOs, and if you are a D_D member passionate about any of these proposals and would like to swing the D_D's vote, please contact our DAO operator, Kempster, before voting ends.

[SEP 26] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077

Ethereum 2077 requests 30,000 USDC from Safe DAO to produce a detailed three-part research series on Ethereum's account abstraction, focusing on EIPs 3074, 5003, 7377, and RIP 7560.

[SEP #25] [OBRA] Palmera Module: Hierarchical Structure

This proposal is to fund an audit competition for Palmera Module smart contracts by Hats Finance based on their 100% payment by results mechanism.

[EP5.7][Social] Security Council

This is a proposal to establish a Security Council with the mandate to cancel malicious proposals that seek to drain the ENS DAO’s treasury.

Gitcoin (Grants Lab) x Wonderland Partnership

This proposal seeks 31.25k GTC /month for a 4-year engagement (1.5M GTC total) with Wonderland to Build Allo Protocol.


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