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Probably Nothing 123: 1:1 Mentorship by Rahat & AR.IO@DevNTell & Nazeeh@MeetTheMembers

This week, we have some gems for you!

D_D OG is doing 1:1 mentorship via Telegram.

AR.IO is on DevNTell.

Talent Layer is giving out scholarships for ETHcc in Brussels.

Upcoming Events

 DevNTELL: AR.IO: A scalable and modular gateway built for the permaweb

​In this week's episode of DevNTell, David Whittington, infrastructure architect at AR.IO, will talk about AR.IO, a scalable and modular gateway built for the permaweb on top of the Arweave permanent data storage network.

​Viewers of this DevNTell will learn how easy it is to run an Arweave gateway and see David walk us through some of its key features and architecture choices.

Join us this Friday, June 7, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

👨🏽‍🏫 Protocol Explorer Mentorship

Protocol Explorer, run by a D_D OG @Rahatcodes, is offering 1:1 mentoring for folks looking for jobs, needing help with building out content, or general web3 advice.

To benefit, join their Telegram Channel to be mentored.

Looking for your next hack?

@ton_society's Hackathon is rolling until June 15th with $2,000,000 in prizes 

If you're in Gurugram, India, Minsk Belarus, Seoul, Korea, Tbilisi Georgia, Kyiv Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland this week, you can attend IRL Bootcamps for an extra $5k in prizes each.

Win a Sponsored Trip to ETHcc in Brussels

Talent Protocol offers 10 scholarships to support builders' attendance and hacking at EthCC. Applications are open to everyone with a Talent Passport.

Apply for the scholarship here, as applications close on June 6.

👩🏾‍💻 Bounties & Jobs

PeanutProtocol Bounties

Earn 1,200 USDC for building React components using Peanut SDK, enabling token swaps on-chain, and more! 

TalentLayer Bounty 

Earn 500 USDC bounty for building an ENS domain resolver for TalentLayer IDs!


Are you hiring? Then, turn online Web3 communities into your personal talent clouds with Developer DAO & Eden!

For info, please talk to Tom Husson; limited spots are available during Eden’s beta.

Community Highlights

Last week, we had two episodes of DevNTell!

In the first episode Chris Cherniakov, founder of Telemetree explained how Telemetree helps businesses acquire more users from Telegram with the help of their product analytics, user profiling, and robust ad targeting.

Watch the episode here

The Second DevNTell episode of last week Siddesh (Developer Relations Engineer) demoed Push Protocol showing how to add native web3 messaging and notification.

Push Protocol is a web3-native communication protocol that enables cross-chain notifications and messaging, group chat, video, and more for dApps, wallets, and services.

Watch the episode here.

Meet the Members: Episode 7

@nazeeh21 is a D_D OG who works with Fuel as an Engineer. He started his Web3 career by working with NFTS and learning Solidity in 2021. D_D to @nazeeh21 is more than a DAO; it is a family, and he loves meeting D_D members at conferences and workshops. 

@nazeeh21 loves sharing knowledge by writing articles and tutorials and does photography as a hobby.

Watch the full episode here.

Other Community News

Ecosystem News

Solana To Ditch Token Burning and Divert 100% Of Priority Fees To Validators

Solana will stop burning tokens and instead allocate all priority fees to validators following the approval of proposal SIMD-0096 which aims to improve network efficiency, but this is raising concerns about potential SOL inflation and its impact on retail investors.

Telegram Wallet Introduces Stricter KYC Rules

Starting June 3, Telegram's cryptocurrency Wallet will enforce stricter KYC rules, requiring users to provide their name, phone number, and date of birth to access most features; this is part of a service provider transition to WOT Global Solution.

Uniswap Postpones Protocol Upgrade Vote; UNI Tumbles 9%

The Uniswap Foundation announced a postponement of a proposal upgrade vote that would have allowed rewards for UNI holders who staked and delegated their tokens.

U.S. President Biden Vetoes Resolution Overturning SEC Guidance

President Joe Biden vetoed a congressional resolution aimed at overturning the SEC's Staff Accounting Bulletin 121, which requires financial institutions to hold customers' crypto assets on their balance sheets, stating it was necessary to protect consumers and maintain the SEC’s authority on accounting practices.

Ethereum Name Service proposes migration to Layer 2

ENS Labs has proposed the ENSv2 upgrade to migrate the service to a Layer 2 network. The upgrade aims to reduce gas fees and enhance service scalability for the ENS project.

PayPal Launches on Solana

PayPal has announced the launch of its stablecoin, PayPal USD (PYUSD), on the Solana blockchain. It aims to enhance the stablecoin utility by leveraging Solana's cost-effectiveness and high throughput.

DMM Bitcoin Rekt

DMM Bitcoin, a centralised Japanese crypto exchange, was hacked for over $304 million in Bitcoin, marking one of the largest crypto hacks ever and the biggest since December 2022, prompting the exchange to halt certain trading activities.


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