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Probably Nothing 124: Arweave Course & AI on DevNTell

Last week, we released the first lessons of our Arweave 101 track on D_D Academy. In this track, you learn how to use permanent decentralized storage to host your DApps.

This week, we have the CEO and the DevRel Engineer of Lilypad Network on DevNTell, so if you're into decentralized AI, check it out!

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DevNTell: LilyPad Network

In this week's episode of DevNTell, Alison Haire (CEO) and Phil Billingsby (DevRel Engineer) of LilyPad Network will discuss the groundbreaking serverless and permissionless distributed computing platform originally developed at Protocol Labs. This platform democratizes access to high-performance computing.

Viewers will learn how to use AI on LilyPad in a manner consistent with Web3 ethos using just an API call.

Join us this Friday, June 13, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

Arweave 101 Course Launch - Building Apps on Arweave

The first three lessons on a comprehensive @ArweaveEco course with @ar_io_network were launched on D_D Academy.  Our editor @K4y1s has been cooking since last month and now presents you with complete knowledge of @ArweaveEco with @ar_io_network.

The first three lessons of the course are:

Intro to Arweave

Accessing Data on Arweave

Storing Data on Arweave

Each lesson has a corresponding @zealy_io quest from @ar_io_network to earn XP that will be converted to EXP as part of their incentivized testnet.

Learn to Earn XP with @ar_io_network

Finish lesson

Complete tasks

Claim quest @zealy_io

@K4y1s is also working on releasing the remaining lessons in the Arweave 101 track. So stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter to be in the know when the following lessons are released;

How to Build a Static Website on Arweave

Build a DApp on Arweave

We will follow up the Arweave 101 track with a comprehensive Arweave 102 track on @ar_io_network gateway deployments.

How to run a local gateway

How to deploy to the cloud

How to deploy to decentralised infra

These courses are designed to take a complete beginner from zero to a builder on @ArweaveEco with @ar_io_network, and we thank @ar_io_network for supporting free and open education for everyone. 

Keep Learning and Earning!

The Open League Hackathon | TON

@ton_society's Hackathon ends on June 15th, with builders sharing from a prize pool of $2,000,000 in prizes. During 8 weeks, builders were onboarded to TON with IRL events staged in cities worldwide.

Submit your application here before the deadline.

👩🏾‍💻 Bounties & Jobs

PeanutProtocol Bounties

Earn 1,200 USDC for building React components using Peanut SDK, enabling token swaps on-chain, and more! 

👷‍♀TalentLayer Bounty 

Earn 500 USDC bounty for building an ENS domain resolver for TalentLayer IDs!


Are you hiring? Then, turn online Web3 communities into your personal talent clouds with Developer DAO & Eden!

For info, please talk to Tom Husson; limited spots are available during Eden’s beta.

Community Highlights

DevNTell: AR.IO Gateways

Last week, to coincide with the launch of our Arweave-101 course, David Whittington, Infrastructure Architect at AR.IO demoed how easy it was to run the ar-io-node Arweave gateway.

Watch the episode here.

Meet the Members: Episode 8

Adz is the Head of Marketing at PoKt Network. Before entering the Web3 space, she worked in global brand strategy and management for brands such as Unilever.

Adz is married and has built and sold two businesses with her husband. You can follow Adz on Twitter to stay updated with @POKTnetwork.

Watch the full episode here.

Other Community News

Ecosystem News

Arweave is Six Years Old

Arweave, the decentralized storage network, is celebrating its 6th birthday. Here are six facts to mark this special milestone reached by the network.

@aoTheComputer has been a hit since it was announced earlier this year. Read more.

Arweave's growing community from @ArweaveAfrica, @arweaveph, @arweaveindia, @perma_dao, @ArweaveOasis, & @onlyarweave make the ecosystem special. Read more

AR.IO is a gateway for Arweave to optimize inputs (writing data) & outputs (serving data) for Arweave. Read more

#OpenSource is at the core of decentralization. With @weavers_org's hackathons, more projects are being built on Arweave and @aothecomputer with a decentralized ethos. Read more

AR.IO launches on mainnet this year! Complete tasks on to be eligible for one of the largest airdrops in the ecosystem. Complete our Arweave-101 starter course to get XR tokens. 
AR.IO gateways provide teams with complete control over data access and storage. Teams like @Orbit and others are already leveraging the tech. Read more.

Coinbase Launches Its Smart Wallets, Dubbing It Crypto’s ‘iPhone Moment’

Coinbase has launched smart wallets that use passkeys instead of traditional seed phrases and browser extensions. The wallet aims to simplify onboarding and bring a billion users on-chain. To encourage adoption, the wallet also supports gas fee sponsorship.

Avalanche Core wallet gets Blockaid security integration

Avalanche has integrated Blockaid's security features into its Core wallet to screen transactions against known phishing and hacking threats, aiming to enhance user security in decentralized finance by alerting users to suspicious activity before transactions are completed.

Craig Wright Should Pay Plaintiffs' Legal Bill After Found Posing as Satoshi, COPA Says

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) is demanding that Craig Wright pay 85% of its legal costs after a court ruled he is not Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The organization is also seeking a civil restraint order to prevent Wright from making further false claims.

Telegram's The Open Network is 2024's Fastest Growing Chain

Telegram's blockchain, The Open Network (TON), has become 2024's fastest-growing Layer 1 chain by leveraging its vast user base and innovative incentives. It has achieved a 27-fold increase in total value locked and significant gains in its native token, Toncoin.

Congress Considers Benefits of Tokenizing Real-World Assets

Congress is exploring the benefits of tokenizing real-world assets to leverage blockchain's efficiency and transparency. Discussions have emphasized its potential to streamline financial transactions, reduce costs, and improve market infrastructure.


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