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Probably Nothing 126: What NOT to do in a Hackathon

This week, we have a new episode of DevNTell with OpSec for you!

D_D OG Paloma started the Building Onchain podcast. In the first episode, she discusses things you should NOT do at hackathons.

Upcoming Events

DevNTell: OpSec

In this week's episode of DevNTell, Potatoofdoom will discuss OpSec. Opsec is a revolutionary platform that redefines the landscape of decentralized computing. Built on security, privacy, and innovation principles, OpSec offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to empower users and organizations in their digital endeavors.

​Viewers of this DevNTell will become familiar with OpSec one-click nodes, OpSec cloud hosting, and the roadmap to next-generation DePIN services. It promises to be an interesting DevNTell episode.

Join us this Friday, June 28, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

Community Highlights

X Followers Milestone

Last week, we crossed a major milestone of 100k followership on X. Our X account exists to promote Web3 activities, all D_D events and partnerships, and promote members' content to a wider audience. Follow us on X to stay updated on our upcoming hacks and events.

Thank you 100k followers, unto the next 100k. LFG!!!!!!

Meet the Members Episode 10

Patrick Skinner is a DevRel for Forward Research. He is a self-taught developer who became more involved in Web3 in 2020. He joined D_D in 2021 and later became more active by winning the Steamr x D_D hackathon.

Patrick Skinner is a US Army veteran who spent 6 years as a paratrooper and army ranger medic. He loves teaching and creating content to help developers.

Watch the full episode here.

If you want to be a guest in the show, sign up to participate and be seen. The show is only for D_D members.

 DevNTell:  Morph, The Consumer Blockchain 

Last week DevNTell Cecilia Hsueh (Co-Founder and CEO) and Abril Zucchi (DevRel) demoed Morph.  Morph redefines the Ethereum L2 scaling experience by combining the strengths of optimistic rollups and ZK technology into its rollup.

Watch the session to learn more about Morph, their coming events and hackathons, and how to start building with Morph.

Watch the episode here.

👨🏻‍🏫 Arweave Course 101

The 1st three lessons of our @ArweaveEco course with @ar_io_network have been a massive hit as we are close to 6000 quiz completion by learners. More course content is due for release soon. 

Check out the three released lessons below and earn some XP tokens on as you learn.

We value your feedback and comments, so please leave them here on this X thread.

Other Community News

Ecosystem News

Circle's Web3 Services is Now Available on Solana

Circle has expanded its Web3 Services to include the Solana blockchain, beginning with Programmable Wallets and Gas Station. The goal is to enable Solana developers to embed safe, intuitive, and enterprise-grade wallets while facilitating on-chain app development.

Bitcoin Slumps Under $64K Amid Historic ‘Negative’ Sentiment

Bitcoin's price has dropped 9% over the past month, hitting a five-week low of $63,700, with crowd sentiment in extreme negative territory for four weeks, potentially signaling a near-term relief for bulls.

Certik Returns $3 Million To Kraken Amid Controversy For Holding Funds ‘Hostage’

Certik returned $3 million to Kraken after a controversy where the cybersecurity firm held funds after discovering a critical bug. Kraken's Chief Security Officer confirmed the return, minus a small amount lost to fees, amid public disputes and allegations between the two firms.

Is the Bear Market Back? Data Says Yes

Contrary to popular belief, research by André Dragosch indicates that changes in global growth expectations, rather than Bitcoin ETFs, the halving, or Fed policy, will likely have a greater impact on Bitcoin's price movements in 2024. Additionally, macroeconomic risks may cause further short-term downside despite the positive long-term outlook.

Reform UK candidate founded crypto ‘Ponzi,’ but denies involvement

Nigel Farage's Reform UK party denies Councillor David White had any significant involvement in the management, decision-making, or financial aspects of BuddyX, a crypto marketing firm accused of being a 'Dubai-based Ponzi scheme,' despite White claiming to have co-founded the firm and presenting himself as its UK and EU Head of Business.



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