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Probably Nothing 127: BNB Chain at DevNTell and a New Arweave Lesson!

Last week D_D Academy published the next Arweave lesson. If you wanna learn about hosting permanent websites, check it out!

This week we have BNB Chain at DevNTell, a big player, so it's worth tuning in!

๐Ÿ“… Upcoming Events

๐ŸŽž DevNTell: BNB Chain

In this week's episode of DevNTell, Jimmy a Senior Software Architect at BNB Chain will talk about BNB Chain.BNB Chain is a blockchain ecosystem that enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and users to participate in a vibrant Web3 environment.

โ€‹Viewers of this DevNTell will get an overview of BNB Chain, learn how dev-friendly it is, and how to start building. 

Join us this Friday, July 5, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

๐Ÿค Community Highlights

๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿซ Arweave 101 - Building A Static Website on Arweave

We have released the next iteration of our @ArweaveEco 101 course with @ar_io_network, which is fresh and hot after @ar_io_network's successful migration to @aoTheComputer.

Learn how to build a website on the permaweb, register an ArNS name and resolve it to your site >> earn XP via@zealy_io as you learn. Learn how to build a static site on Arweave here, and watch out for the next iteration of the Arweave 101 course, Build a DApp on Arweave.

๐ŸŽž DevNTell: OpSec

Last week, Potatoofdoom gave us an overview of OpSec, a revolutionary platform that redefines the landscape of decentralized computing. OpSec is Built on principles of security, privacy, and innovation. It offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to empower users and organizations in their digital endeavors.

Watch this episode to get introduced to OpSec one-click nodes, OneSec cloud hosting, and the roadmap to the next generation of DePin services.

Watch the episode here.

๐Ÿ† Community Wins

  • Congratulations to @HAPPYS1NGH for shipping the Telegram Mini App that drips @arbitrum Sepolia Faucet.

  • Shoutout to OG @wolovim for nurturing the idea of an informal demo day/peer feedback session for builders and starting the first episode.

  • Congrats to Jobstash and CEO DuckDegen on the launch of their newest service JobStash Elite Fast Track

  • @hone1er  built a tool for transferring your Lens profile NFT from a hot wallet to cold storage.  Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations @crypdoughdoteth on your graduation from cohort 5 of Polkadot Blockchain #Academy.

๐Ÿ“ฐ Other Community News

  • If you hold any $DOT token, consider voting for D_D member DuckDegen on his proposal โ€œ#916 Referendum for A Polkadot Native Job Board Provided as a Public Goodโ€. Vote here to enable him to build a Polkadot Native Job Board. 

  • Dear crypto writers, write about the future of decentralized social for a chance to win 1,200 USDC. Check out this thread for more details.

  • Listen to @PSkinnerTech and @ar_io_network talk about @aoTheComputer and their migration from SmartWeave to AO.

  • Check out this massive hall of web3 learning resources, all curated in one location, posted by @asparuhdamyanov

๐ŸŽ– Initiative Updates

Joining D_D

Are you a builder or a lover of Web3 and the decentralization of the Internet? Developer DAO is a community of Web3 builders on a mission to accelerate the education and impact of a new wave of Web3 builders. 

To become a member of the DAO, you have to hold 400 $CODE tokens or the Genesis NFT. We periodically organize hackathons; membership can be obtained by submitting to our hackathon. Visit the handbook to learn more about Developer DAO and if you make the requirement for membership visit to get started. 

Share Day

Are you building something or learning something new that you want to share in an informal setting among builder frens? 

Share Day is a new initiative to help you get real-time feedback from friends on products and ideas you nurture. 

Stay tuned. The details of this initiative are currently being finalized, and an announcement will be made to that effect.

๐Ÿ“ฐ Ecosystem News

Failed Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Got iIs Finally Repaying Customers

Mt. Gox, the failed bitcoin exchange, will begin returning bitcoins to customers in July 2024, more than a decade after it was hacked, potentially releasing up to 140,000 bitcoins into the market. This has caused concern among bitcoin investors about increased selling pressure, leading to a drop in bitcoin's price below $61,000.

Former Certik Clients Question Security Firmโ€™s Stronghold On Protocol Audits

A Solana cybersecurity researcher criticized Certik for doing the bare minimum in auditing protocols, raising concerns after the firm was accused of holding $3 million of Kraken's funds hostage. This incident, along with other red flags, has questioned Certik's reputation despite its high-profile clients and significant venture capital backing.

Did Trump Drop an Official Memecoin?

A Solana memecoin, DJT, reportedly linked to Donald Trump's son Barron, saw a 385% price surge and $363 million in trading volume after an unverified report by Pirate Wires. However, significant red flags such as unlocked liquidity, high owner concentration, and lack of official confirmation from the Trump campaign suggest it might be a typical crypto grift.

SEC Sues Consensys Over MetaMask Staking, Broker Allegations

The U.S. SEC has sued Consensys, alleging that MetaMask's Swaps and Staking products violated securities laws by operating as an unregistered broker. The suit also targets Ethereum staking services Lido and Rocket Pool, claiming their tokens are unregistered securities. This marks the SEC's ongoing effort to regulate the crypto market.

OpenSea Claws Back Market-Share from Blur

Following a decline in Blur's user incentive, OpenSea has regained market share from Blur, surpassing it in 24-hour sales and unique buyers.


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