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Probably Nothing 128: Meet D_D and Frens @EthCC and a Writing Contenst!

This week, we have IRL events @EthCC for you. Meet D_D and frens!

Next, we host a writing contest with Aptos, with $10,000 total in prizes.

Also, we have two sessions of our longest-running show, DevNTell. The first session will kickstart a series of Aptos events in collaboration with D_D, while the second will be on Friday and introduce Kiwi News. And next week on Monday, we have an Aptos workshop.

Excited? Then read on an register!

Upcoming Events

EthCC Hangout

Join us at EthCC this week as D_D hosts hanging out and vibing sessions with @ar_io_network & @lastdotnet on Monday, @berachain on Tuesday und Wednesday.

Check out the date and register to join an event. 

Monday 4-6 pm 

Devs & Vibes with  @ar_io_network & @lastdotnet

Kick off your week at ETH CC by connecting with old and new friends from D_D and the permaweb.

Register here for Devs & Vibes

Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm 

Day 1: Bera Necessities with @berachain 

Day 2: Pol Class is in session

A blend of coworking and a lecture hall, where you can relax, take meetings, or listen to engaging conversations from our invited.

Register for Day 1 of Bera Necessities here.

Register for Day 2 of Pol Class is in session here

Mark these dates on your calendar if you are attending ETHCC and connect with other D_D folks and web3 builders in the eco-system.

Workshop: Getting Started with Move on Aptos

Your favorite host BillyJitsu, is about to host an Aptos workshop. If you want to learn more about the Move programming language, tune in!

Join us this Monday, July 15, at 5 pm UTC.

Register here.

DevNTell - Aptos Move: A Web3 Programming Language and Runtime

​In this week's first session/episode of DevNtell, Daniel Porteous, a software engineer from Aptos Labs, will give us an overview of Aptos Move: A Web3 Programming Language and Runtime.

​We will learn about the Aptos Move programming language and its difference from other smart contract languages.

Join us this Tuesday, July 9, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

DevNTell - Kiwi News: Decentralized HackerNews focused on crypto tech, products, and culture

In the second session of DevNTell for this week, Mac Budkowski and Tim Daub, Kiwi News co-founders, will discuss their product. Kiwi News is a decentralized HackerNews focused on crypto tech, products, and culture.

​Viewers of this DevNTell will learn how Kiwi News works, how the Kiwi community was built, and how Kiwi used the P2P architecture to keep the protocol decentralized.

Join us this Friday, July 12, at 3:30 pm UTC.

Register here.

Moving on Aptos - $10,000 Writing contest

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with the Aptos Foundation to bring education and incentives to the Community throughout July in the build-up to the Aptos $500k Code Collision Hackathon

Prizes in the contest will be distributed with 20 chances to win and $3,000 in follow-up funding to produce technical content for Move on Aptos with support from our editor-in-chief Kay.

Register for the Writing Competition here, and in case you missed it, catch up on the X Space recording here.

Community Highlights

DevNTell: BNB Chain

Last week, Jimmy, a Senior Software Architect at BNB Chain, discussed how to start building on the chain. BNB Chain is a blockchain ecosystem that enables developers to build DApp and users to participate in a vibrant Web3 environment.

Watch this episode to learn how dev-friendly the BNB Chain is and how to start building.

Watch the episode here.

Other Community News

On-chain is the future, so we are excited to shout out to D_D member @paloma for launching her @Buildingonchain podcast onchon-chainh @zora. You can mint Ep 1 & 2 here

@geniusyinka has perfected the act of explaining complex topics in short videos. So we shout out to him for an excellent explanation of MEVs Explained in (almost) 90 Seconds

Community Wins

Are you a hardware provider? Lilypad seeks hardware providers to contribute computing power to its new incentivized testnet for a serverless and distributed network. To get started, contact Lilypad DevRel and D_D member @pbillingsby_, or read this blog post for more details.

Building on-chain Podcast Episode 2; React to web3, Layer 2's and getting started as a builder with RahatCodes hosted by @paloma 

X-thread on @Berachain's ecosystem and POL (Proof of Liquidity) by @HAPPYS1NGH

Ecosystem News

D_D RPC Provider Pocket Network Submits Proposal to re-centralized the Pocket Network Foundation

A proposal has been submitted to the Pocket Network Foundation with the following key points:

  • Wants Michael O'Rourke to be re-elected me as the sole director of the Pocket Network Foundation

  • Give the Foundation sole discretion over the DAO treasury and the ACL address to make parameter changes to Pocket Network

  • An incentive-based compensation package based on shipping Shannon and the price of $POKT

This proposal is from the belief that the Pocket Network was decentralized too early in its lifecycle, so a walk back towards centralization will help grow the PNF according to the proposal. 

Crypto Crash Pushes Fear & Greed Index to Lowest Since Bitcoin Traded at $17K in Early 2023

Bitcoin's price dropped below $54,000 due to selling pressures from seized BTC by the German and U.S. governments and Mt. Gox user refunds. Analysts warn of potential further declines to $50,000, although a Federal Reserve interest rate cut in September could trigger a rally.

Celsius Aims To Recover $100 Million From Users Who Withdrew Funds Before Bankruptcy

Celsius is seeking to recover $100 million from over 1,500 users who withdrew funds in the 90 days before the firm's bankruptcy, arguing these early withdrawals unfairly benefited certain account holders. Affected users are concerned about being sued based on current market rates rather than those at the time of Celsius' collapse, claiming their withdrawals were legitimate.

New emails reveal Bankman-Fried family’s role in FTX finances, report

Emails reviewed by the Wall Street Journal reveal that Sam Bankman-Fried's family, including his parents and younger brother, were involved in advising and managing FTX's finances. The emails show their involvement in financial transactions and political contributions, with significant legal implications for their actions. One family member has already been sentenced to prison, and others face scrutiny for their roles.

Circle becomes the first global stablecoin issuer to comply with MiCA

Circle's co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire, announced that Circle is the first global stablecoin issuer to gain regulatory approval under the European Union's Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) framework. Circle has also chosen France as its European headquarters due to the country's proactive stance on digital asset regulation.



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