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Probably Nothing 118: Moving to Paragraph and a Thread Competition!

We moved our newsletter from Substack to Paragraph, as they align more with our goals and values. The post will be permanently stored on Arweave, and wallet newsletters via XMTP will be supported! Nothing should change for you in the short term, but we're working with Paragraph to bring you more value in the future!

This week, we have a thread contest with AR.IO, the open-source gateway provider of the Arweave ecosystem. We also have a new episode of Meet the Members, and some bounties and jobs are still up for grabs!

Upcoming Events

D_D X AR.IO Thread Competition 

We are excited to launch our partnership with AR.IO with a thread contest.

Post an X thread explaining the importance of AR.IO: explain what gateways are and how they work, how builders can utilize them today, how network incentives reward gateway operators, and what it means for the future of the permaweb to win from a prize pool of 2000 USDC for the winners and free ArNS names for all participants.

Submissions are due on Monday, April 29, at 11:59 pm UTC with the following criteria:

Prizes are designed to give you the maximum chance of winning. Plus, AR.IO is providing everyone who completes the bounty with free testnet tokens to register an ArNS name. Check out the competition details here and make your submissions here.

GitCoin Grants Member Support

Are you a D_D member who applied for the Gitcoin GG20 grant? Please submit your @gitcoin application using this form. We will publish a thread next week so members can help each other with donations.

Meet The Members

Episode 3 will air on Tuesday, April 30, at 3 pm UTC. Will @Rahatcodes beat the clock as he attempts to answer five minutes of nice and five minutes of spice questions, or will he tap out?

Join us on live on YouTube!

👩🏾‍💻 Bounties & Jobs

PeanutProtocol Bounties

Earn 1,200 USDC for building React components using Peanut SDK, enabling token swaps on-chain, and more! 

TalentLayer Bounty 

Earn 500 USDC bounty for building an ENS domain resolver for TalentLayer IDs!


Are you hiring? Then, turn online Web3 communities into your personal talent clouds with Developer DAO & Eden!

For info, please talk to Tom Husson; limited spots are available during Eden’s beta.

Community Highlights

DevNTell: Gashawk

​Last week, Daniel Hannum (CEO) and Daniel Pfeffer (CTO) presented GasHawk. GasHawk helps you save on Ethereum gas fees for free. This episode walks you through setting up GasHawk on your wallet and saving on those transaction fees.

X Space: Unlocking the Permaweb with AR.IO

You can listen to it here if you missed our X Space about unlocking the permaweb with AR.IO. Highlights of the Space are summarised below:

  • A description of what AR.IO is and the problem it solves by its founder ar://vilenarios 

  • The announcement of an X Thread competition bounty to write on gateways and their uses. A prize pool of 2000 USD and free ArNS is up for grabs.

  • A course on AR.IO and gateways written by our editor @K4y1s will be launched on the D_D Academy in the coming months. There are bounty opportunities and incentives for takers of the course.

  • D_D will launch an AR.IO gateway.

Other Community News

Ecosystem News

A New Way to Bet on Major Crypto Events Launches

Kalshi is a regulated platform founded by two MIT engineers. It is the first legal exchange in the US where you can bet on any event, including when BTC will hit $100k, daily BTC highs, and hundreds of other events.

A drawdown for DEXs: Traders on Ethereum hits lowest level since February

The number of DEX traders on Ethereum has fallen from over 95,000 at the beginning of the month to just 63,000 last week, which marks the lowest number of traders since February.

Bitcoiners Spend Millions On ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign and First Sat Of Halving Block

In recent high-profile auctions, Bitcoin enthusiasts spent a combined $3.2 million on notable Bitcoin memorabilia: the 'Buy Bitcoin' sign from a 2017 viral moment sold for $1 million, and the first Satoshi from the recent Bitcoin halving fetched $2.1 million.

Consensys Sues SEC In Bid To ‘Defend Ethereum’

Consensys, the technology firm behind major Web3 projects like MetaMask and Infura, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to protect Ethereum from what it sees as the agency’s overreaching regulatory maneuvers.

Stripe Brings Back Crypto Payments Via USDC Stablecoin

Stripe will reintroduce crypto payments later this year, initially only for Circle's USDC stablecoin on the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains.

Initiative Updates

🤝🏼Eden X TalentProtocol

We are pleased to announce that Eden, one of D_D's incubated projects, has partnered with @TalentProtocol.

This partnership ensures that talent who completed an interview with Eden will automatically have an exclusive Eden credential in their Talent Passport.
Create a Talent Passport, bring your reputation on-chain, and earn rewards for being an early adopter. Check out your Eden credential in your Talent Passport.


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